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The World is Waiting for You, Not the Other Way Around

An easy leadership lesson to preach is perseverance...the act of not quitting and enduring to success. This is, indeed, a great lesson. The need for intestinal fortitude to complete a goal has ensured many great things have been accomplished. There is, however, a type of person that scares me more than a quitter. Worse than a quitter is a non-starter. I believe it takes twice as much courage, tenacity, and determination to begin something worthy of pursuit than it does to end

Get a Coach!

A leadership coach can make a significant difference in the culture of your organization. A coach can come in the form of many names. Advisor, mentor, consultant, are just a few titles. All too often, the employees can be afraid to tell the boss what they need to hear. A paid advisor can be that voice of reason and can be the difference between missing that good idea by an employee. A coach can even help to avoid inadvertently mistreating an employee that results in the emplo

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