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About Randal Collins

Change and Leadership

Randal chose the name "Leader's Intent" for his company because it is the provision of leader's intent that enables delegation, empowerment, and ultimately change. As a leader describes the desired end state, the teammates can then make effective decisions toward that ultimate goal. 

Starting his adult career as a Marine, Randal has led in combat, as a police officer, and in emergency management. Below are just a few of his previous titles:

Scout-Sniper Platoon Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps

K-9 Officer, Mooresville Police Department

Deputy Director of Operations and Preparedness, Indianapolis-Marion County Emergency Management Division

Indiana Incident Management Assistance Team, Incident Commander

National Director of Animal Rescue, American Humane

President & CEO, All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association, Inc

In these positions, Randal has led teams responding to some of the country's worst disasters. He has experience leading at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. In sports, Randal has also demonstrated leadership as an individual, as a teammate, and as a coach.  

Randal completed his Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement from the University of Indianapolis. He returned to school in 2015 to seek a Master of Executive Leadership from the University of Southern California. Upon completion of his Master's degree, he continued on to complete a Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership with an emphasis in public safety. 

Randal has maintained his certification as a Certified Emergency Manager from the International Association of Emergency Managers since 2009. 

Randal is an accomplished public speaker and has spoken at numerous national and international conferences and symposiums. Randal is also published in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and Fire-Rescue Magazine. His dissertation Leadership Selection in Public Safety: An Evaluation Study, is published by ProQuest.

When it comes to leadership Randal has achieved leadership in practice and in study. He is ready to assist you, your team(s), and your organization in reaching their fullest leadership potential.

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