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Services by Leader's Intent LLC

Enabling Leadership


Crisis Management Consulting

Lead in Times of Conflict

When crisis occurs, Leader's Intent can aid your organization by coaching and mentoring your staff. Leader's Intent will ensure you have the analytic clarity, problem-solving processes, and the leadership you need to persevere through the crisis.

Executive Coaching

Improving Your Leadership

Leadership is a 365 day a year, 24/7 job. You may have an employee that isn't reaching their fullest potential. Perhaps you want to improve your own leadership skills. You may be losing employees to a manager that is simply unaware of their negative impacts. Whatever the situation, Leader's Intent is here to provide coaching to improve leadership skills for you and your organization.

Executive Leadership Selection

Selecting the Right Leaders for the Right Job

In Jim Collins' book, Good to Great, he advised to get the "right people on the bus." All too often, leaders are selected or promoted using antiquated and flawed processes. Leader's Intent will lead your executive search and use psychological and leadership based testing to ensure you find the right person for the job. Included in our search are mitigation measures to avoid the hiring of toxic leaders. We are unique in that we look for both strengths and weaknesses.

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Sports Leadership and Team Dynamics

Student Athletes into Student Leaders

As a coach, you know it is more important to develop your athletes as a person than it is as a competitor. Leader's Intent can work with your athletes throughout the year and help them identify individual and team goals and a plan to achieve those goals. Watch your athletes grow as individuals as their contribution to the team increases throughout the season.

Public Speaking

Motivational and Educational

If you want to motivate your audience or simply want to educate them on organizational change and leadership, Leader's Intent is here to help. Leader's Intent will customize a presentation that meets your needs. See an example of Randal Collins speaking for the South Carolina State Fire Academy Virtual Leadership Series. Few the presentation HERE.

Incident & Crisis Management Teams

Developing Teams for Emergencies

Leader's Intent will help you develop a team that will prepare your organization for any eventuality. Your level of preparedness and resiliency is directly proportional to the amount of effort placed into preparing a team. Be ready when crisis presents itself by contacting Leader's Intent today.

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