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Get a Coach!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

A leadership coach can make a significant difference in the culture of your organization. A coach can come in the form of many names. Advisor, mentor, consultant, are just a few titles. All too often, the employees can be afraid to tell the boss what they need to hear. A paid advisor can be that voice of reason and can be the difference between missing that good idea by an employee. A coach can even help to avoid inadvertently mistreating an employee that results in the employee leaving the organization. You may very well be more experienced, more educated, or more knowledgeable than a coach, but the coach has one thing you don't have...a different perspective.

A coach will see things you don't. A coach will be on the lookout for unconscious bias when you aren't. A coach will observe an employees body language when you don't see it. A coach will see opportunities where you don't. Employees will be less likely to hold their tongue with a coach as they would the boss. Coaches are great at helping to "read the room." A coach will see landmines where you don't see them. A coach will help you reflect on actions and behaviors making you a better leader.

Why wouldn't you get a coach? Is it pride? Is it ego? Is it because you don't want someone that will tell you what you do not want to hear? Perhaps you fear competition for respect? All of these may be self serving reasons and not a reason based in leadership best practices. If you want to improve and if you want a culture that embraces great leadership...get a coach! (Plus who are you going to pour Gatorade on after a victory!)

See what these leaders say about leadership coaches:

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