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Emergency Management - The Disaster Experts

I ran across this ARTICLE from the Toronto Sun published a few days ago. It aligns with a sentiment I have been sharing since the beginning of the pandemic. It is fine to say public health, the CDC, the WHO, and the MD's are the subject matter experts. It is fine to say that we should follow the science. It is fine to have these entities guide us through the worst pandemic in over 100 years. Where we need to draw the line is that these entities are NOT the subject matter experts on disasters. Enter Emergency Management...

As the article points out, "Emergency management is the only government function which is designed to take in information from all sectors, every ministry, every critical infrastructure, and to both operate in and advise on disasters and emergencies." In more USA speak, Emergency Management is the only government catalyst to analyze and synthesize the various issues from various perspectives. Sure, the aforementioned entities can tell us about illness, transmission, vaccines, masks, and more, but their view is still extremely myopic. Only emergency management coordinates with other disciplines to learn about the science of economics, the science of logistics, the scenes of psychology and mental health, the science of public messaging, the science of transportation, and so much more! When the medical community is advising the President, it is from a medical perspective. When the President consults an emergency manager, it is from a comprehensive 360-degree perspective.

Following the science should not be limited to just medical science. Keeping emergency services running, keeping the tap water flowing, and keeping trash services operating is a part of the emergency management science. As emergency managers we get the opportunity to hear how the lead issue (the pandemic) affects all other sectors, and then we get to put the entire jigsaw puzzle together.

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