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Helping leaders redefine success and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Leader's Intent LLC is a trusted and respected firm known for its leadership coaches, emergency managers,  and change agents ready to help you and your organization. Keep reading to learn more.


Leader's Intent, LLC is a Veteran Owned Business

Leader's Intent has been confirmed by the Veteran's Affairs Administration to be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Click the link to learn more.


Team Leadership

Leadership in Teams = Team Success

You may think that the picture of a college lacrosse team seems a little misplaced on a business website until you learn the rest of the story...

At Leader's Intent, we specialize in team leadership whether that be your office team, crisis management team, or your sports team. I have been involved in teams my entire life. In high school it was a national award winning marching band and drumline. After high school it was a drum and bugle corps. Then it was the Marine Corps as a team member of an infantry platoon and a scout-sniper platoon. 

I then moved on to public safety where I specialized in creating All-Hazards Incident Management Teams or crisis management teams. In these teams, I have responded to and experienced some of the country's toughest disasters. Every time, I was a part of a team designed to function effectively to lead and manage the emergency, crisis, or disaster.  

My experience is paralleled with my education. I have a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement from the University of Indianapolis. I have a Master of Leadership in Executive Leadership from the University of Southern California. I recently completed my Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California. During my graduate and doctorate program, I once again participated on a team. For four years, I played lacrosse with USC and was the oldest player ever to play in the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association. I was voted by my (nearly 30 year younger) peers as the most inspirational player. 

...and now you know the rest of the story. 



Emergency Management / Crisis Management

My associates and I have had the opportunity of helping those in need over the past 25 years in some of the countries worst disasters. We have managed floods, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, cyber-incidents, and much more. Leader's Intent can help your organization prepare for, respond to, and recover from all kinds of emergencies and crises. My team excels in planning, training, and exercising for such incidents. Leader's Intent also specializes in leading during and through crisis. Recovery is often harder than the response. The Leader's Intent team can help your organization bounce back after a crisis.

Photo: On March 2, 2012, an EF4 tornado ripped through the Town of Henryville, IN. Among the destruction was this bus which was thrown into a small cafe. Leader's Intent associates were there to help lead the community through the crisis.


Toxic Leadership Mitigation

Leader's Intent not only focuses on developing the great leadership potential within your organization, we focus on mitigating toxic leadership. This is one area that distinguishes us from other leadership companies. Toxic leadership is an epidemic that is permeating the workforce today. One area that makes Leader's Intent the best is our focus on comprehensive leadership. Cultivating good leadership qualities is not good enough. Employers need to focus on eliminating the toxicity of poor leaders that is destroying the motivation and inspiration of its employees. Leader's Intent can help you develop a plan for combatting toxic leadership in your workplace. 


Leadership Mentoring, Consulting, and Coaching

Just like professional athletes, musicians, performers, or investors have coaches and advisors, so to do leaders require coaching. Leadership is a process, a process that never ends. Leadership requires developing a culture and vision. Leadership demands constant work and effort. The best leaders invest in the development of their leadership skill set by having an advisor by their side guiding them on how to be a better leader and challenging them to be a better person that is creating the right culture. 

Whether you are a C-suite executive, a government leader, or a non-profit CEO, our consultants can observe your workplace habits, activities, and interactions and then help you reflect on was to improve the leadership climate which you are setting within your organization.  As a leader, it can be tough to get honest feedback about how you are being perceived by your bosses, colleagues, and employees. Our advisors can act as your mentor and coach helping you to achieve a better you. 


Leading Organizational Change

We are in an unprecedented time of change. Technology, communications, social media, and a diverse work environment all drive the  need for change. Organizational change requires creativity, innovation, vision, and hard-work, but more importantly it requires the right leadership culture. Leader's Intent places a significant emphasis on organizational change and will assist your organization with understanding employee knowledge and motivational needs for change to effectively occur. Leader's Intent will also evaluate the organizational barriers that are inherent to your organizational culture that prevent change. The best organizations are those that are able to adapt quickly and seize opportunities. Leader's Intent is here to help lead your organizational change process and and create a learning, innovative, and creative environment.  



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